$100 No-Voicemail Challenge

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The $100 No-Voicemail Challenge is currently active.

We know that when you’re in the midst of something as important as buying or selling a home, the last thing that you want to deal with is voicemail. That’s why we’ve made the move into an industry-first commitment to kill voicemail. When you call us, you’ll always speak to a helpful member of our team. Period. 24 hours a day.

If you become a client of ours, let’s say… we’re the selling agency for your home… we’ll even extend this challenge to your prospective buyers. Now that’s “putting your money where your mouth is” – quite literally, in fact. Try to get that “other” agent to offer you and your clients that!

If you ever get a voicemail greeting when you call us, we’ll send you $100. No questions asked. Simply leave your name, phone number, and the time of your call, and we’ll be in touch so that we can send you some cash.

To claim the $100 reward for the no-voicemail challenge, the following applies:

The no-voicemail challenge applies only to prospective or active clients (buyers, sellers, or parties involved with a direct transaction) of Keymont. The challenge does not apply to third party marketing/sales individuals or companies, or other “SPAM” type callers that are trying to sell to, and/or gain business by/from Keymont. Calls will be answered by a member of Keymont, and answering member will do his/her best satisfy the needs of the caller while directly on the call, or by connecting the caller to the appropriate team member or having the appropriate team member return their call.